2013’s Top 10 Wallpapers

Tags: Collections, Published January 15th, 2014

So here at High Res HD Wallpapers we have decided to compile a list of the top 10 wallpapers that we have published last year in 2013 and we want you to enjoy them all of again, so without anymore babbling here is the top 10 list.  We hope you agree and enjoy these amazing HD high resolutions wallpapers.

The Peacocks Paradise 

So let’s kick off with this stunning Peacocks Paradise wallpaper that we published in 2013.  This wallpaper echoes tons of majestic beauty with its burst and array of colors it simply just oozes the harmony and tranquility which comes hand in hand with the beauty and wonder that is mother nature.


A Technological View

Here we have our fantastic and mind blowing Technological View wallpaper which just simply encapsulates the mind into thinking of all the possibilities and advancements that are out there in the distant or potential near future.


Universe of Colour 

Universe of Colour is simply sublime and how amazing does this look.  We decided to put this in the top 10 of 2013 because the sheer versatility and diversity of the HD image just simply makes this wallpaper ooze incredibility and is just spot on.


Mysterious Moonlight 

Mysterious Moonlight has made and appearance in our top 10 and we think very deserving too. The shimmering colour of the almost memorizing deep purple gives everything in the HD wallpaper more purpose and the clouds just give that buzz of excitement, which is brilliant



It’s In The Eye

What an absolutely fantastic wallpaper we have here, which no doubt always had a place in the top 10 of 2013 HD, High Resolution wallpapers.  It’s in the eye wallpaper is just so detailed and exquisite that being a wallpaper doesn’t do it justice but this piece of beautiful artwork is just incredible.



High Resolution Fierce Animal Wallpaper

What a spectacular wallpaper we have here, and of course in High Resolution and in full HD.  This wallpaper just roars nature and wildlife and this Tiger is only feet away from the shot, or maybe it’s a mirror effect, we don’t know.  All we do know is that this is awesome and is in our top 10 of 2013.


Star Wars Lego Wallpaper

Everyone loves Star Wars and Lego right? Well here at High Res, HD wallpapers we do! This is way this fantastic wallpaper has made its way into the top 10 of 2013.  And what stands out for me is the middle star trooper with the red eyes and evil smile.  Isn’t this just a great wallpaper.



Winter Sunset

So here we have our Winter Sunset wallpaper and of course this was making its way into the top 10 of 2013, purely based on its incredibly landscape scenery as the fields are lightly dusted with snow and the orange capped skyline just makes this breathtaking.



Kittens Playing Wallpaper

Aww isn’t this just so cute and adorable.  That’s right you can’t have a top 10 without some cats featured in it.  and you’ve guessed it, we here at High Res, HD wallpapers are cat fans and can’t stop smiling at this wonderful HD wallpaper.



Waterfall Wallpaper

To finish this top 10 of 2013 we have the beautiful and tranquil Waterfall Wallpaper which is just breathtaking and the HD image is incredible as it allows you to see a full panoramic view of the waterfall, surrounding rock faces and trees in the background.





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2013’s Top 10 Wallpapers

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2013’s Top 10 Wallpapers

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