Wallpaper Packs

Downloadable Wallpaper PacksWhilst most people coming to this site will be looking for individual HD wallpapers there’s also a handful of people looking for wallpaper packs. Wallpapers pack are collections of wallpapers pulled from all around the web and combined into a single downloadable file. They’re actually a really great idea because if you download a wallpaper pack you could set your computer to auto-rotate through all of the included wallpapers giving you a new wallpaper automatically each day. In fact with some operating systems you can actually use the wallpapers in our wallpaper packs to have it rotate as much as every 30 minutes or less, if that’s your thing.

So now that you know exactly what you’ll find in a pack of wallpapers and what a wallpaper pack is, it’s probably about time that we gave you some so you can download and try it out yourself.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time putting these themed wallpaper collections together just for you so go ahead and check them out. Download the file (.zip or .rar usually) and extract them to a folder on your computer. You can then use your operating system to set them as your wallpaper or even make them auto rotate however often you like.