Animal – The Muppets

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Well who do we have here then? Of course it’s none other than the much loved drummer from The Muppets, yes it is the one they call Animal.  Also you all probably already know but Animal is the drummer for Dr Teeth and The Electrical Mayhem  and it is very fair to say that Animal is an animal in all senses of the world as he is incredibly wild and can’t really be tamed and when is let out of his chains just wants to smash things which is perfectly suited for his role as a drummer.  So if you’re an Animal fan then waste no more time and download this awesome high resolution, HD desktop background wallpaper today.

Download Animal – The Muppets HD wallpaper for free.

Animal – The Muppets

Download 'animal – the muppets' HD wallpaper

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Animal – The Muppets

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